A Beginning.

… Ansa is someone I met thru Waff. When I first met her she was nice, but somewhat distant. I tried numerous times to get to know her better, but she didn’t seem interested. Maybe it had something to do with the fact we didn’t have any of the same classes. I found myself admiring her all the same though. Most of the kids at school however stayed away from her. They would always talk bad behind her back and such. She is the shy and quiet type which usually makes others nervous. Rumours about her being into all sorts of naughty and inappropriate activities were always spread around school, yet I never belived them. Even Kasumi didn’t really fancy Ansa, but she kept her opinions to herself.

About a month ago, I saw Ansa at lunch time sitting in her usual spot under a tree reading a book. She was keeping to herself just when I saw three classmates approach her. I didn’t think much about it until I noticed one of them grabbed the book out of Ansa’s hand. The girl that was with the two boys started to talk loudly to Ansa, almost shouting at her. Ansa stood up and tried to grab her book back from one boy, but the other boy pushed her down to the ground. At this point, I was concerned. I started to walk over, but Yumi grabbed my arm and warned me not to get involved. Assuring Yumi that I will be alright, I walked quickly over to the scene. I stood by Ansa asking the three what the problem was. The girl explained that she had just failed a important exam because the teacher accused her of copying answers from Ansa. Insisting of not knowing anything about this, Ansa asked for her book back. One boy then started to taunt Ansa, while the other started to rip pages out of her book. With a bolt of rage, Ansa suddenly threw a punch at the boy who was tearing the pages out of her book. She hit him in the face so hard that he dropped the book and fell backwards. He landed on some other students that were eating. The students that were eating didn’t see how this happened, but took their anger out on the boy who disturbed their meal. The boy who was busy taunting Ansa saw this and went over to help his friend out. Generally, a peaceful lunch area had turned into a small scale war it seemed. The Headmaster along with teachers started to break up the small fights in between the students. As this was going on, I picked up Ansa’s book off the ground and noticed that a fight had broken out between the girl and Ansa. I quickly got inbetween them so they would stop, but that didn’t matter. The girl started to yell at me. She was so angry for me getting involved that she tried to throw a punch at me. Just before I could react, Ansa took her book from my hand and smacked the girl in the face with it. Tears quickly filled the girl’s eyes as she turned to run away. Unfortunately a teacher saw all this and came over to escort Ansa to the Deputy Headmaster’s office.

Time has passed since then. Yesterday as I walked towards the cafeteria during luch time, I felt a poke in my arm. Assuming it had to be Kasumi or Tobie, it came to my surprise that it was Ansa. I hadn’t seen her around school much since the incident. She invited me to sit with her for lunch. As we ate, she thanked me for trying to help her out and explained what happened afterwards. She said after all that mess, that she never got into trouble. The ones disciplined were the three who originally came over and started it. I was happy about the turnout and we both laughed about it. At this point in time, I felt that Ansa was warming up to me in her own way. The few times I’ve been in her presence, Waff would always be with me to cure any awkward silences. With our current state of pleasant conversation, I gathered up the courage to invite her to go shopping with me after school. She accepted eagerly which made me surprised as well as happy. As the bell rang to go back to class, we made our plans to meet up later. I walked her to her class, then went back to mine.

A few hours later we find ourselves in my car with the top down listening to loud music that Ansa had brought. It wasn’t my type, but it didn’t matter because she kept me entertained with stories about Waff which I didn’t know. She had known him for a few months longer than me, so I brought him up in conversation. We also talked about school, friends, and musical tastes. She told me that she was quite aware of all the things that were said behind her back and that it didn’t bother her. She also said that she in fact started some of those rumours because she was bored and thought it would be funny. As we both laugh about that, I was feeling much more comfortable around Ansa now that we have this chance to get aquainted.

We drove around the city as we talked about Waff and what shopping areas were interesting. Due to lack of time and being a bit tired from a long school day, we agreed on a mall downtown. It was a newer one and I only had been there once before with my girlfriends, so I was fine with our decision. We went to a few of her favourite stores than to mine. In one store, Ansa fell in love with a certain outfit. She couldn’t afford it, but said she will buy it later with some money she would get for her upcoming birthday. Walking around the mall is a good source for people watching. We saw so many different types. Annoying little kids ran by us, when I happen to get a phone text from Yumi inviting me to go out. I replied back that I was with Ansa, and we can go out another time. Yumi replied by being in shock and was going to tell Kasumi & Tobie. I turned my phone off and noticed that Ansa was also replying to a text she got. She quickly responded and suggested that we should leave.

Ansa explained that the text she received was from Waff. Apparently he installed a new sound system in her car and it was ready to be picked up. I drove her to Waff’s shop where we stayed a few minutes chatting. We invited him to go out with us for food, but he said he had to stay behind to finish up some work for customers. Ansa and I said goodbye to Waff and decided on where to go for food. We drove our own cars to this restaurant that was close to her home. During the meal, I explained to her that I was very glad to finally spend some time with her. I’ve always wanted to, but never found the nerve to approach her. She said she been meaning to ask me, but admitted to being too shy as well. We finished up with our meals and walked outside to our cars. She tells me that she has a lot of homework to get done before she can sleep, so our evening must come to a end. I agreed that it was also getting late as well, so we gave each other a hug good night and went our seperate ways.

It took me four long hours to complete my homework before I could finally lay down to sleep. However before I crawled into bed, I noticed that I had received a late night text on my phone. I go to view the message and it was from Ansa telling me to sleep well. I smiled as my head hit the pillow knowing that we were finally friends.

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The Waff.

… It’s been awhile since my friend Waff and I hung out together. He has his guy friends that he hangs out with and he also has a part time job after school. In fact anytime I get to spend time with Waff, it’s always a pleasure. Even though I only have known him for a little over a year, I feel like I can depend on him like a older brother. One night last week, Waff had the night off from his job. He was interested in checking out a new dance club and invited me to go with him. Of course, I jumped at the chance to go and we made plans.

During the school day I was so anxious to go out with Waff, I couldn’t sit still in any of my classes. Kasumi and Yumi teased me all day long about how Waff and I were secret lovers. They made jokes about our big night out, but I think they were just jealous. That and the fact their parents said they couldn’t go out on a school night. After school was over, I drove back home and got something to eat. I took a shower and was debating on what to wear. While looking thru my closet, Waff calls me and says that his car is not working. He asks if I could drive and I said it would be no problem.

I finally get a outfit together and race off to pick Waff up at his house. When I get to his house I knock on the door, but there’s no answer. Usually when this happens, I find myself walking around to the back of his house and putting my arm thru the doggie door to open the door from the inside. However this time when I put my arm thru the door and placed my hand on the knob, I feel someone grab my arm firmly. It surprised me so much, that I jumped forward and hit my head on the door. The back door opened suddenly and Waff was having trouble standing due to the fact he was laughing so hard at me being surprised. I yell at him, but this just made him laugh harder. He goes to get his jacket, then we jump into my car and take off.

On our way to the club, Waff insists that we stop so he can show me these vending machines. For some reason he was completey amazed with this one particular machine that sold t-shirts. He gets out of the car, runs over to this machine and starts pointing at it. I’m not amused, but I go to look at it and saw all the shirts it had to offer. I get bored and tell him we should leave, but he says to wait so that he can buy one. I get back into the car and play with my iPod while I wait for Waff. All of a sudden, I see him jumping up and down. I yell over to ask what happened and he tells me that the machine took his money, but didn’t give him a shirt. He starts kicking the machine and shouts bad words at it, but then eventually gives up. He climbs back into the car and starts to pout. I start laughing at him and he just gets himself into a mood. I try to give him a hug, but he pushes me away. We leave and drive off to the club.

On our way to the club, Waff tells me that this club is owned by a friend of his. He also says that we will be able to get in for free and not have to wait in any lines because our names are on the guest list. This made me happy because I can get very impatient at times and if I can avoid waiting in lines, then I will. We drive slowly past the club to see a very long line to get in. The bouncer in front recognizes Waff and points over to a VIP parking lot for us to park in. We find a parking space and then walk over to the club. The music was so loud, we could hear it from the parking lot. When we get to the front door, Waff talks to the bouncer and introduces me. The bouncer smiles at me and says he loves my car. Then he gives me a nice compliment and lets both of us in. As we walk past the long line of people waiting to get in, I try not to make eye contact.

Inside, the club was very nice. It had very tall ceilings and look like a converted warehouse. The lighting was simply amazing and they had giant video screens. The dance floor was still a bit empty because they were just letting people in. Waff finds his friend and we walk over to him. He introduces himself as Clint and tells us a bit about the club and how it’s going to be the best Hardstyle dance club in town. When he mentioned the word Hardstyle, I immediately thought of my friend Gin and wondered if he was aware of this club as well. Clint gave Waff and I a tour of the whole club. He showed us the VIP area and even his personal office. He told us that tonight the drinks are on him and if we needed anything to just ask. Waff perked up after hearing about free drinks, so he went over to the bar. Clint said that he had some business to take care of and excused himself. I found myself just exploring the club and people watching. I noticed there was another level above the main floor to observe from as well. A few minutes later, Waff finds me and hands me a glass of orange juice. We find a place to sit and just people watch together. He suggests that we should go out and dance, but I wasn’t feeling up to it. He says that he wants to and goes over to the dance floor to make some moves.

Watching Waff dancing, I noticed someone watching me from across the room. I really didn’t think anything of it until he started to casually walk across the dance floor towards my direction. I see this and get up. I find myself walking towards the restroom. I was too nervous to look behind me to see where the stranger was. Inside the restroom, I meet this girl who introduces herself to me. She tells me that her name is Miki and that she is Clint’s business partner. She explains that she saw all of us talking earlier and was too busy with club business to come over. I tell her how much I like the club and tell her about the stranger outside. She then says that I have nothing to be worried about and that she will go outside to look for him. I give her a description of the stranger and she exits the restroom. I wait for a few moments and she comes back to tell me that he is nowhere to be found. I feel relieved and thank Miki for her help. We both go back out and I find Waff on the dance floor. I start to dance with him to clear my thoughts. After about two songs, I noticed that the stranger was back and watching Waff and I on the dance floor. I feel myself getting nervous again and tell Waff about the stranger.

Waff tells me that I’m just being paranoid and to pay no attention to him. I insist that the stranger is up to no good, but Waff pretends the music is too loud to hear me. I march off the dance floor to try and find Clint or Miki, but had no luck. My club experience was not fun anymore and I wanted to leave. However, I knew Waff was having a good time so I didn’t want to ruin his night. I found a spot overlooking the dance floor and began to people watch again. As I was observing, I get a text message from Kasumi asking if Waff and I are in bed yet. I send a smart reply back and wait for her response. As I wait, I look around only to find the stranger standing right in front of me. I find myself very uncomfortable and look for Waff on the dance floor. I don’t see him dancing in the same spot, but see him making his way towards me. The stranger tries to introduce himself, but Waff confronts him before he says his name. Waff tells the stranger that he has been watching him for the last hour. He says to just leave us alone and that there’s plenty of other girls to hit on. The stranger gets upset at Waff, but says that he will leave us alone. He walks off into the distance and I give Waff a hug for helping me out. He says that he has to wake up early and suggests that we leave. I tell him that’s a good idea and we find Clint and Miki to let them know we are leaving. We thank them for inviting us and that we will be back soon. Miki asks what happend with the stranger and I said that Waff scared him off. We all laugh and say good night.

As Waff and I walk thru the lobby to exit, I noticed a quick movement out of the corner of my eye. I turn to see the stranger running towards us. He tries to take a swing at Waff, but Waff ducks and hits the stranger in the face… HARD. We see the stranger fall flat on the floor. He insults Waff as he tries to get up. I get upset at his behaviour and take out my tazer from my bag. I zapp the stranger in the butt. This time he wasn’t getting up. Clint and Miki soon finds us and asks us what happend. Waff explains and Clint says he will call the police after we leave. We walk out of the club and get into my car. Waff asks if I’m alright and I tell him I’m fine. We drive back to his house and he tells me that I don’t have to worry about the stranger. He explains that Clint has a few friends on the police force, so there won’t be any problems. I feel slightly reassured and thank Waff for everything. We say good night with a hug and I drive off for home. I was very sleepy, but I couldn’t wait to get home to call Kasumi and Yumi to tell them what happened. I just hoped they were still awake..

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… It was just another night of not sleeping. I crawled into bed a few hours before and I just laid there thinking. My mind usually wanders when I’m laying in bed right before I drift off to sleep. On rare occasions though, my mind is so busy that I can’t fall asleep. For reasons unknown, I found myself thinking about death. Within the last four years, I’ve had three people die in my family. Two weeks ago, a childhood friend was found dead by the local police. Investigations were still going on, so information was quite limited. I went to the memorial by myself, but left early because I wasn’t in the mood to be around anyone.

As I lay on my bed, I look at the clock noticing it’s two in the morning. Closing my eyes, I try to rest and just listen to the rain from the outside. I love the rain. The sound of it is very soothing to me and I often rely on it to get me to sleep. My eyes were finally getting heavy and I was starting to get sleepy. Just when I think I’m about to doze to sleep I get a phone call. The voice on the other end of the phone was from a old acquaintance of mine. He called to inform me that one of our mutual friends had just passed away. His voice was shakey and it was hard for him to form complete sentences. I gave him my condolences and started to feel very sad about the whole situation. He said that he would call me back as soon as he was in a better state of mind. I hung up the phone and started to shake. I got up out of bed and started to pace back & forth thinking on what to do. I wasn’t sleepy and I didn’t fell like staying in this room anymore, so I decided to go out for a drive.

The rain had stopped for the moment as I pulled my car out of the garage. I found myself just driving around town thinking about her. We never met in person as she was a online friend I met thru a social network. It was almost a year ago when I was informed she had cancer. She didn’t like talking about it and would be very cold to me if I asked too many questions. We were not very close, but I cared for her as a friend and I let her know this many times. It’s very hard to care for someone that keeps you at a distance. I think most would eventually give up, but I never found myself doing that. I just knew she was the way she was and left it at that.

I managed to drive about an hour and started to get sleepy. The rain had started to fall again, so I headed back home. Feeling completely exhausted, I laid down on my bed and fell asleep. When I woke up, I looked over at my clock and noticed that I slept three hours. By this time, my little brother was also awake and making all kinds of noise downstairs. To drown out the noise, I decided to practice on my piano. A few minutes later, I hear little footsteps running up the stairs to my room followed by loud pounding on my door. I get up to open the door and my little brother wants to dance for me while I play the piano. I tell him he can dance as long as he keeps quiet because I take my playing quite seriously. While I play, I turn around to look at him and he’s flapping his arms around dancing in a circle. He tells me this is his chicken dance and then starts jumping up and down. I tell him he’s being too noisy and then he asks to sit with me. I scoot over and let him sit on the piano stool. I start to play and he starts to play along on his invisible piano which made me laugh. He then jumps off the stool and runs back downstairs.

A few hours later, I get a call from Kasumi asking if I want to go shopping with her and Yumi. I tell her no and that I made other plans. She asks if I’m alright and I lie and tell her everything is fine. We end our brief chat and agree to meet up sometime later. When I hung up the phone, I noticed that the rain was coming down really hard now. I walked over to the closet and got my favourite heavy jacket and decided to go for a walk.

The sky was dark and cloudy as I walked slowly towards town. Generally I love walking in the rain, but now my mind was occupied by too many thoughts. When I got into town, there was no one around. I felt so alone. I started to window shop to take my mind off the negative, but quickly got bored. I squated down. I leaned against a wall lifting my eyes up to the sky to watch the rain fall. Not even bothered that I was completely soaked now, I stayed in this position for quite awhile.

I decided to visit my favourite record store and look around. There was nothing new or interesting, so I was about to leave and my phone started ringing. The music was too loud, so I raced upstairs to answer the call. I didn’t recognize the male voice on the other end, but he said that he was a relative of my friend. He then explained that he had a letter for me written by my friend and wanted to know where to send it. I give him my address and he tells me that he will mail it out the next day. As I said goodbye, I could feel my eyes start to tear up. Wiping them away, I walk to the window to watch the rain. I lay down on a ledge and look up at the sky while thinking about my friend. I lay there wondering what her final thoughts were and about her letter. I wonder if she misses me as much as I miss her…

… for Koraa.

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… Generally during the week, I’m very busy either with school or with school related activities. I had a afternoon off where I didn’t have any plans, so I decided to visit the city. I invited Kasumi and the rest of the gang to join me, but they all had other plans. It might have been a good thing that they didn’t come along because I needed time to myself anyways. I have a car, but finding parking in the city is such a hassle. Taking the train is usually the best way to get into the city and sometimes cheaper. Even though there are some rough types that also take the train, I never leave my home without my tazer for protection. Kasumi and I are also enrolled in a Martial Arts Self Defense Class, so I always feels somewhat confident when going out alone.

I was enjoying my trip on the train. I love looking out the windows and just daydream. I had the whole car to myself for a few stops until one person walked in from the adjoining car. He looked like a normal guy, not dirty or rough. He walked a little too close and rubbed up against me while walking by. I didn’t think too much about it because the train ride is usually bumpy. He didn’t apologise though which sort of annoyed me. There was only a few stops left, but it seemed to take forever.

As I was looking out the window, out of the corner of my eye I noticed this stranger was doing something. I turned to look and it appeared that he removed his pants. Completely shocked and surprised, I moved to the opposite side of the car slowly. He left his seat and sat down on the floor. I didn’t want to stare, but when I saw one leg up in the air I was disgusted. Hoping someone else would come in and see this and say something to him, I found myself walking quickly closer to the end of the car. The stranger noticed my actions and got up off the floor and moved to the closest seat near the door.

At this point I was getting very nervous. I wished Kasumi, Yumi, or any of my friends were with me. With the stranger sitting so close to the door, I knew that I would have to walk past him to exit the train. As my stop was next, I prepared myself for the worst. I took out my cel phone and took a few photos of the stranger. I also reached into my bag and got my tazer. It’s small enough that i can keep it in my hand and no one would notice. The train starts to slow down and I move to the door cautiously. When I get closer, it appears he hasn’t even noticed me because his concentration was somewhere else.

The train makes a complete stop and the doors open. I try to walk quickly to exit, but the stranger noticed me and immediately stood up. Nothing was said, but he lunged at me suddenly while reaching out with his hand. With a quick response, I tazered him in the stomach. He then fell down and was shaking violently. I ran out of the train and looked for a police officer or security, but I saw no one. It was then, that I decided just to leave the scene and run. I calmed down after a few blocks and called Kasumi on my cel phone. I told her the whole story and she said I did the right thing. She was actually mad that there was no one to help me on the train. She told me in about a hour, that she and the other girls could meet up with me which made me feel a lot better. I told her that I would meet them at our favourite coffee shop. After our conversation, I walked into a book store to browse. Hopefully it would take my mind off the situation that just happened.

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